Daily Archives: December 15th, 2008

Great, There Will Be No More Peeing in Public in Woodstock

BYLAW PASSED THAT PREVENTS PEEING IN PUBLIC…IS THE BYLAW GUY WATCHING MY ZIPPER? Okay, I understand that I shall not hang my royal member of a weenie out in the wind and thou shalt not pee in any place that is public(does this include the public washroom?)and I acknowledge that peeing in public is well, […]

War Of Attrition Continues in Full Force

MORE DEAD SOLIDERS…THIS IS A WEEKLY EVENT NOW Three more Canadian soldiers were murdered after being caught in the deadly blast of a road side bomb that they were sent out to investigate. The men were responding to reports that a bomb was being planted at the side of a road near Kandahar. Cpl. Thomas […]

Seems Like A Yearly Event At Chalk River Now

CANADIAN ISOTOPE SUPPLIER NOT PREPARED FOR EXTENDED SHUTDOWN, ISOTOPES MAY BE IN SHORT SUPPLY The nuclear facility at Chalk River that is responsible for manufacturing isotopes for the nuclear medical industry has closed down again this year for routine maintenance that is expected to last beyondthe routine time frame allocated and now may interfere in […]

GM Announces CAMI Will Close in North American Plant Shutdown Plan

CAMI INCLUDED IN GM PLANT CLOSURES General motors Corp has announced that its’ plans to close all North American plants will now include the CAMI automotive manufacturing facility located in Ingersoll, Ontario that produces the Equinox and Torrent under a joint venture program with Suzuki International. GM announced yesterday that Cami Automotive will be part […]