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Cabinets’ Big Overhaul?Yeah Right!

MORE OF THE SAME ON ITS’ WAY IN CANADA So it’s been a couple of weeks since Canadas’ big election day that changed nothing for Canadians(excepting the fact we just pissed $300 million or so into the air…I guess that counts for some change) and I’m wondering when will the Harperites begin their stupid post […]

Former US Ambassador Paul Celluci Claims Obama Win Means Big Trouble For Canada

DOES OBAMA WIN SPELL DISASTER FOR CANADA? According to media reports, Paul Celluci the former republican(that’s the key) appointed US Ambassador to Canada is busy engaging in a little pre-election fear mongering and rhetoric on our side of the border in the hopes of frightening uneducated Canadians into believing a Barack win would endanger trade […]

Taliban Sets Up Parallell Government in Kandahar

WAR IN AFGHANISTAN IS ALL BUT LOST According to reports from Afghanistan it would appear that the Taliban has gained control of large swaths of Kandahar province and are now even operating quasi-judicial courts to mete out punishment in cases of land disputes, robberies and murder. One villager who refused to be named out of […]

A Letter To The Sentinel

Considering the funding for any new gallery project will ultimately come from the public trough,(no matter what level of government you are courting for money it will be coming from all of us)wouldn’t it seem prudent to reconsider such a massive investment in such drastic economic times? Make no mistake that as budgets continue to […]

NDP Muslim Candidate Threatened After Being Accused Of Splitting Vote

“THIS IS A DEMOCRACY, NOT FAITH BASED POLITICS” Mustafa Rizvi says he’s being called a “traitor to Islam” for running against another Muslim MP in the federal election. Rizvi came in third for the NDP in Mississauga-Erindale, that was won by Conservative Bob Dechert, who won over Liberal incumbent Omar Alghabra by 239 votes. Rizvi, […]

Art Gallery Issue Should Go To Referendum

SHOULD A REFERENDUM BE HELD ON THE PROPOSED USE OF TAX DOLLARS TO BUILD AN ART GALLERY HERE IN WOODSTOCK? It’s been a few weeks since writing anything about this, but I did notice yesertday in the local S-R that somone unfamiliar to me wrote in asking why we do not hold a referendum into […]

Citizens Invited To Vote On-line On Future Of NAFTA

HAVE YOUR SAY…WHAT DOES NAFTA MEAN TO YOU? The Centre for the Study of Democracy is inviting persons from both sides of the Canada-US border to participate in a renewed debate/general discussion on the future of the NAFTA agreement. During the recent US primaries, both senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stated that NAFTA wasn’t […]

Canadian Politics Is All About Character Assasination

KARL ROVE STYLED DIATRIBES HAVE COME TO DENOTE CANADIAN POLITICS Canadas’ last election was an utter waste of time and money in a time when financial resources have become scant. Instead of Canada using this $300 million or so to pay down debt,or stabilize industry our Prime minister lied to us and told us that […]


BARLOW OFF TO FIGHT FOR WATER RIGHTS AT UN Maude Barlow the head of the Council Of Canadians has been appointed to a non paid position within the united Nations that deals predominantly with water issues globally and the effects of water privatization on the human race. Shortly after her appointment Barlow heavily criticized the […]

Harper Throws Millions Into Researching Benefits of ASBESTOS

$19 MILLION SENT OFF TO ASBESTOS RESEARCH INSTITUTE The government of Stephen Harper has effectively become the prime cheerleader for the Quebec asbestos industry according to an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Despite much government knowledge that asbestos inhalation can cause severe lung problems including lung cancer, the Stephen Harper Conservatives have continued […]