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"I thought by now I would have had a permanent job," Harper muses

I WILL OFFER A SUGGESTION 1/ Considering that the vast majority of Canadians do not have a permanent job and in fact, most jobs being created are in the temp agency genre, he should feel that he fits right in with the people he claims he represents…the average poor Canadian that doesn’t like rich galas(even […]

Mumps Continues Spread in Southern Oxford

MUMPS CONTINUE RAMPANT SPREAD ACROSS UNIMMUNIZED POPULATION The southern region of Oxford County that is populated by Christian fundementalists has become the target of public health concerns after the mumps virus continued its’ spread across the region. This week it was announced that 266 persons in the dutch reform community have become infected after refusing […]

Does Anyone Produce/Print Shopping Bags In Woodstock?

DOES WOODSTOCK ONTARIO HAVE ANYONE WHO PRODUCES SHOPPING BAGS ? Just a thought…but after speaking to a Brantford sales rep for a packaging company I was disgusted to learn that our local BIA actually ordered all of those COW bags from an out of town company(that frankly has really poor pricing)leaving me to wonder…who does […]

Possibility Of NDP In Opposition Increases Daily

LAYTON CONTINUES TO GAIN IN NATIONAL POLLS Each day that this election campaign goes on brings more news that the NDP may well become the next official opposition if Jack gets his way on October 14. Recent polls in Quebec have put the NDP well ahead of the Conservatives and the Liberals but still second […]

It’s Like Selling Fresh Fruit…A Submission

Excerpts from a story in the Sentinel Review on Thursday June 9, 2005 regarding the expropriation of Blandford Square Mall (privately owned property) with the intention of turning it over to another private firm (Toyota)………. The mall owner (Joe Chetti) is demanding more than $16 million for the nearly-empty site, assessed at $1.65 million. The […]

Harper Was The Only Reformer To Vote For THE FIREARM REGISTRY

APRIL 5, 1995…HARPER WAS THE ONLY REFORM MEMBER TO VOTE FOR BILL C-68, THE LEGISLATION THAT CREATED THE FIREARMS REGISTRY It seems quite apparent to me that Mr Harper speaks out of both sides of his mouth on the gun issue after I realized that Harper is the only member of his party that actually […]

Laytons’ idea of A Coalition Isn’t So Bad

A COALITION GOVERNMENT MIGHT BE THE ANSWER TO OUR TROUBLES I keep thinking about this one and I’m not sure why, but I feel that the reason for supporting the idea of a coalition government shouldn’t be discounted by anyone. Several reasons for wanting to entertain this idea are easy to come up with. The […]

PETA Asks Ben and Jerrys’ To Make Ice Cream From BREAST MILK!!!(ewwwww)

WOULD YOU CONSUME BREAST MILK ICE CREAM???? This is almost too wacked out to believe but the people at the PETA organization(the one I like to call People Eating Tasty animals)have decided that making ice cream out of breast milk would be good for consumers and even better for cows. Apparently the groups campaign co-ordinator […]

WHO killed Canada?

Here’s a video that is certainly worth watching. Based on the national best seller by Mel Hurtig called the Truth about Canada, this is really worth looking at. Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news and more. Major focus on Woodstock, Ontario politics.

Lies And The Lying Liars That Tell Them..A Submission

(or why I’m eating my ballot) It’s time once again for my pre-election rant about voting, and why you shouldn’t. If you go to an all candidates meeting you will see five people sitting at a table. Four of them are lying to you. You KNOW they are lying to you. They lied to you […]