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Three of Every Five Canadians Dislike PM Harper

FEDERAL CONSERVATIVES PREPARE NEW WAVE OF ATTACK ADS AFTER SEEING MAJORITY OF CANADIANS DISLIKE THEIR LEADER IN NEWLY RELEASED POLLS. Our paranoid Prime Minister has okayed some new attack ads after seeing polls that showed the majority of Canadians..just don’t like or trust him. Harper, afraid of the average Canadian voter, has decided that the […]

CONservative Government Refuses To Act On Environment: Ontario Joins United States "Green Pact".

CITING A FAILED CANADIAN FEDERAL POLICY RESPONSE ON THE ENVIRONEMNT, ONTARIO JOINS 9 US NEIGHBOURS TO CURTAIL GREENHOUSE EMISSIONS Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty has inked a deal with several northern US neighbour states that will see Ontario joining up with these states to form a cross border green plan that would help to reduce greenhouse […]

Harper Uses Tax Dollars To Take His Kids On A Trip To Vimy Ridge

HARPER USING TAX DOLLARS TO FLY HIS KIDS AROUND THE GLOBE Stephen Harper is taking his kids to the 90th Vimy Ridge celebrations in France this year…at our expense. Traditionally, opposition members are taken on these celebration styled trips, but this year, no, instead, we taxpayers will pay for the prime ministers’ kids to take […]

And Now A GOOD Political Story

MISSISSAUGA MAYOR HAZEL MCCALLION, GIVES UP PART OF HER SALARY Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion has decided to lead by example by giving up her $32,000.00 bonus for sitting on the board of Enersource(formerly Mississuaga hydro). McCallion said of the decision “It’s permanent, it’s irrevocable as long as I sit on the board,” and I hope […]

CONServative Government Completely Aware Of Pensions Misuse At RCMP

MINISTER DAY SHOULD RESIGN The Minister responsible for the RCMP and Canadas’ national security has been asked to explain his knowledge of money missing from the RCMP pension plan. Day apparently had been apprised of the situation last year already, but failed to do anything about it. Tony Cannavino, head of the Canadian Police Association, […]

A Letter To MP Dave Mackenzie Regarding Autism

A Letter to our local MP Hi Dave(or staff!) Just writing to ask that you stand up for families of Canadians with Autism, and ask Mr Clement to include this disease-social illness under the spectrum of the Canada Health Care Act. As a parent of an 11 year old with Autism(whom you’ve met at my […]

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams Accuses Harper CONServatives of Lying

ACCORDING TO DANNY WILLIAMS, STEPHEN HARPER IS A LIAR Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams has come out swinging against the proposed equalization payments that Stephen Harper says are fair. Williams, citing a pamphlet handed out by the CONservative party during the 2006 federal election points to the statement which promised no cap on the amount a […]

Guest Column: A.W.

FROM A CONTRIBUTOR… A.W. It was bad enough having to put up with Pat Sobeski bemoaning the lack of public interest in thebudget process in Tuesday’s paper without having Hugo take up the refrain in today’s edition. Hugo states, “I am completely disappointed with the publicpresence at the open meetings where our elected civic officials […]

London Compassion Club Raided

A Letter to the Editor of the London Free Press Marijuana prohibition in Canada continues to claim its’ victims. People who by necessity(for pain relief) turned to pot for medical reasons should not be fettered in their access to this natural alternative to hardcore synthetics being prescribed and pushed by doctors and pharmacists across the […]

Ottawa Mayor and John Reynolds Under Investigation for Office Buying

CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGN CHAIR UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION Another CONservative party bigwig John Reynolds, is under investigation for alleged “office buying ” in the case of the Ottawa municpal Election of Novemeber 2006. At issue is a statement of facts laid out to Ottawa police in the form of an affidavit, by mayoral candidate, Terri Kilrea, who […]