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CONservatives Raise Wages for Bureacrats and Deputy Ministers

TAX WATCHDOG AND PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS ALIKE CONDEMN THIS HIDDEN PAY HIKE TO BUREACRATS Stephen Harpers’ minority COnservative government last week raised the salries of numerous conservative friendly deputy ministers and bureacrats alike. Condemned by a public services union, as a move to garner support within the bureacratic hierarchy, John Gordon, president of the Public […]

A Letter To The PM on The Issue Of Lebanon

I DOUBT WE WILL SEE ANY ANSWER TO THIS..IT’S BEEN MAILED TO HIM THOUGH Sir,WITHOUT PREJUDICERight Honourable Stephen Harper, Primie Minister of CanadaAs leader of Canada, it is within your jurisdictional responsibilities to condemn the violence and killings across Lebanon at the hands of the Israeli state. As a Canadian citizen,born and raised here, I […]

Alberta Born Country Singer, KD Lang Is Outraged By Harpers’ Absence at Outgames 2006

OTHER PM’S HAVE OFFERED THEIR TIME, SO WHY NOT HARPER? Okay KD, I’ll give you a clue. Gay people do not vote for right wing homophobics…hence, no visit from PM Harper. Perhaps if you had hidden the agenda(like said it was a conservative BBQ fundraiser) he would have shown up…by accident…and would have been forced […]

It’s Official…Bender for Council

WE’VE FILED OUR NOMINATION PAPERS WITH CITY HALL AND WE’RE ON OUR WAY So…are we in for a shakeup here or what? We’ll just have to wait and see. After some deliberation(a few people thought i was nuts, some others thought it was great) I’ve decided that we’ll take a stab at city council in […]

Israeli Forces Murder UN/Canadian Peacekeepers

ISRAELI FORCES BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF A UN BASE IN LEBANON KILLING EVERYONE AROUND IT It’s time for Canada to get off her ass and condemn the Jewish state for the murder of one of our people. This atrocity cannot continue. People are being murdered enmasse as a result of the stupid kidnapping of […]

Farmers Are Well, Just Shit out Of Luck

LOCAL AG LEADERS DECRY FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS LACK OF CONCERN OVER THE ISSUE OF FARM STABILZATION AND RISK MANAGEMENT a letter sent to the Tillsonburg News today… As a past participant in a federal election I find it alarming to see that many farmers actually BELIEVED the CONservatives had expressed any type of support for farmers […]

City-County Council or perhaps the Mayors’ Chair?

AFTER RECIEVING MANY LETTERS AND CALLS INDICATING SUPPORT FOR A BID FOR COUNCIL/MAYOR, I’VE DECIDED WHAT THE HELL, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ANY WORSE THAN NADALIN OR HARDING… I’ve recieved a few letters, and quite a few phone calls from different people in the city of Woodstock asking me to run for the job of […]

Support for Israel unjustified

ISRAEL LAUNCHES MORE ATTACKS AGAINST LEBANESE CIVILANS WITH THE SUPPORT OF CANADAS’ PRIME MINISTER Canadas’ Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has unequivocally expressed his support for the bombardment of the Lebanese state by Israel. Harper, speaking to supporters in Montreal, decidely supported the Israeli state by declaring that they had the right to prosecute anyone by […]

Dave Nadalin, Michael Harding Go Head to Head in Mayors’ Race

WE WERE KIND OF HOPING THAT NEITHER WILL BE ELECTED The choice is shitty…and the results will be even shittier, but when all is said and done, we hope that there is a miracle, and Bart Simpson runs for Mayor instead. These two guys suck…in fact, they suck a lot. One guy, is in the […]

Two More Canadian Soldiers Sent Home(in bags that is…)

TWO MORE CANADIAN SOLDIERS MURDERED BY SUICIDE BOMBERS IN AFGHANISTAN Cpl. Francisco Gomez, 44, from Edmonton and Cpl. Jason Warren, 29, of Montreal — died when a car packed with explosives blew up beside their armoured vehicle near Kandahar. Eight other soldiers were injured in varying degrees. The deaths of these two men came at […]