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Jason Kenney Says Government Works Better Without Pesky MP’s Around

MR KENNEY NEEDS A FLYSWATTER Oh it must be completely horrible to be an MP these days!(especially a conservative one) Jason Kenney, Minister of Silly Walks Immigration says that he accomplishes much more without those pesky little bugs MPs who seem to hover around asking far too many questions.(like what happened to those prisoners in […]

Canadian Policy Research Networks Research Report:Lost in Translation: (Mis)Understanding Youth Engagement – Synthesis Report

STUDY ATTEMPTS TO FATHOM WHY YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT WISH TO VOTE I read this study yesterday at my leisure and wondered to myself, how much time and money did these guys spend to figure out that young people(and many others…a cross-generational problem I think)are disenfranchised, and not trusting of their partisan peers? Well, that […]