Jason Kenney Says Government Works Better Without Pesky MP’s Around


Oh it must be completely horrible to be an MP these days!(especially a conservative one)

Jason Kenney, Minister of Silly Walks Immigration says that he accomplishes much more without those pesky little bugs MPs who seem to hover around asking far too many questions.(like what happened to those prisoners in Afghanistan, or where is that stimulus money actually going?)
 I think that he should apply this idea to himself considering he himself is one of those pesky MP’s.
 He says he thinks that he can get more done without the interference from other elected people who were elected to keep guys like him on their toes.(the opposition)
 “That’s not to say Parliament is unimportant”…Kenney told some reporters who were allowed to walk near the mothballed House of Commons without being dragged off to some nasty CONservative dungeon(their headquarters)”It’s just easier to get things done when there is no parliament.”(in session) “But from a ministerial point of view, I think any minister in any government will tell you that’s probably generally the case.”(Well, maybe most ministers think that but they’d never say it in public…without risk of a public flogging)
 Harper says he needed to close down the parliamentary process because his government needed time to think…there must be some mighty slow thinkers in their party because wow, months to make a decision or two or to fine tune their policy seems like a mighty long time in the life of a minority government. Perhaps they are waiting on someone to draw the flash cards they train their MP’s with…like those Alabama Hyundai workers who were trained with picture cards.
 Harper said initially that he really closed down parliament to go to the Olympics. Isn’t that wonderful. Canadians got mad. We didn’t get any free Olymipc days off of work, nor did we get any free government tickets to the big event.(mopst of us would have pawned them for the cash…to pay our taxes, to keep those pesky ministers paid)
 Now he says he closed down parliament because the party and government needed to refocus their agenda and because “The international economy remains fragile and there is still a danger that we could be pulled back once again through no fault of our own. That’s why protecting Canada’s economy remains the top priority of Canadians and that is why it is still our top priority.” (Looks like he’s working hard on that plan when he takes months off in the midst of delivering it)
 To me it seems that his top priority is to keep his job, the second priority is to keep his MP’s employed, his third priority is to keep the opposition down, his fourth priority was to fill the senate with duds and his fifth priority was to find a way to shutter the parliament of Canada.
 If this is governing with the interests of Canadians at heart then I’ll be damned.

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