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Jason Kenney Says Government Works Better Without Pesky MP’s Around

MR KENNEY NEEDS A FLYSWATTER Oh it must be completely horrible to be an MP these days!(especially a conservative one) Jason Kenney, Minister of Silly Walks Immigration says that he accomplishes much more without those pesky little bugs MPs who seem to hover around asking far too many questions.(like what happened to those prisoners in […]

A Thought…Why Is It That Canadians Do Not Appear To Care About The CPC "In And Out Scandal"?

SOME SCHEME, SOME ACCOUNTABILITY, BUT HEY, WHAT ELSE IS NEW? I guess I will answer this one myself in some rambling sort of way as it is completely unlikely that it will ever be solved..or at least not in the near future anyhow. Canadians are accustomed to being lied to, stolen from and generally abused […]

CONservative PM Harper Asks Police To Harass Opposition MP’s.

CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER HAS ASKED THE POLICE TO INTERFERE IN POLITICS Canadas’ “new” government led by right winger Stephen Harper has asked the police to harass the opposition into supporting his latest crime bill. At a dinner honouring the York Regional Police force Thursday night, the Prime Minister called on the officers to “pressure” the […]