NDP motion to ban the use of cancer-causing pesticides

OTTAWA – The Opposition Day Motion to be tabled by NDP Leader Jack Layton today will ban the use of pesticides used for cosmetic purposes in private homes and public spaces.
“In back yards, parks, gardens and green spaces across Canada a toxic cocktail of chemicals are being used by unsuspecting gardeners to kill weeds, and pests,” said Layton. “While these chemicals are very effective at keeping our yards and public spaces looking green, they’re also seeping into our soil, leaching into our water, being absorbed by our homes, our bodies and the bodies of our children and that’s unacceptable”
The NDP’s motion would see all pesticides regulated by the Pest Control Products Act banned within or on the land surrounding any dwelling-house, in any school, hospital, office or similar building in which people stay for more than a day or work; and on any private or public land used for recreation or entertainment, including parks and sports grounds.
“We’ve known for some time the serious, long-term, and harmful effects that exposure to these chemicals and carcinogens have on people,” said Layton. “Why just today, we see farming families near Debden Saskatchewan being evacuated because toxic clouds of smoke from a pesticide fire are headed their way.
“We must not keep putting off regulation. More and more evidence that these chemicals are harmful continues to pile up and we owe it to our children to ensure that they are growing and playing in the safest possible environment.
“The time for debate has passed. It’s time for concrete action to ban the use of these unnecessary chemicals now. This is one concrete step the federal government can take to protect all Canadians from chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other devastating illnesses.”
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    NDP motion to ban the use of cancer-causing pesticides

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