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A Promise(yeah, like those fixed election dates)To Allow Business Owners Employment Insurance By Jim Bender

CERTAINLY IS AMAZING HOW MANY IDEAS POP OUTTA THEIR HEADS DURING ELECTIONS (EVEN BETTER, IS THE NUMBER OF PROMISES THEY WILL BREAK) Zippity doo dah, Zippity Aye, my oh my what can we promise today? If campaigns are supposed to be about brains and who is the best leader , it appears the Conservative party […]

A Thought…Why Is It That Canadians Do Not Appear To Care About The CPC "In And Out Scandal"?

SOME SCHEME, SOME ACCOUNTABILITY, BUT HEY, WHAT ELSE IS NEW? I guess I will answer this one myself in some rambling sort of way as it is completely unlikely that it will ever be solved..or at least not in the near future anyhow. Canadians are accustomed to being lied to, stolen from and generally abused […]

DOes It Really Matters Who Governs, When They All Vote The Same Anyways?

Party Leaders Taunt And Cajole Each Other While Canadians Watch In Stunned Silence For Canadians the parade of stupidity is about to begin. All of the major party leaders have begun the ritual dance of taunts and jeers followed up by really silly announcements about everything. Canada has been led for a couple of years […]

Canadian Electoral System Is Flawed and Corrupt

CANADIAN ELECTORAL SYSTEM BEYOND FLAWED: IT IS CORRUPT The methods by which we elect our governing bodies in Canada is seriously flawed beyond repair.The fact that a governing party can reduce the rights of an opposing party by denying them the same funding that they are priveledged to is corrupt and undemocratic in all respects.Recently […]

Poll Suggests Dion Strugglings As Liberal Leader

HARPER PREFFERED LEADER OF CHOICE ACCORDING TO ANGUS REID SURVEYA new survey suggests that Canadians are happy with the CONservative Party and its’ leader, Stephen Harper.35 % of polled respondents thought Harper would make the best PM, while 19 % chose Liberal leader Stéphane Dion.Although the poll asked simple questions such as “Which of these […]

Election Loan Loophole Needs To Be Closed

ELECTION LOANS SHOULD BE COVERED BY ELECTION ACT It is an odd practice that here in Canada we are permitted only to spend so many dollars on an election campaign, and by law we are only permitted to donate so many dollars towards any campaign during one fiscal year, but we are permitted to “loan” […]