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Movement to Ban Pesticides is Gaining Incredible Steam

PESTICIDE BAN WILL MOVE INTO PLACE WITH PRESSURE HERE. Letter to the Sentinel-Review Will Woodstock move to limit or outright ban the use of pesticides? The national movement to ban the use of pesticides is gaining steam. Nearly 50% of the Canadian population is now covered by a pesticide ban of some sort, and every […]

Woodstock Info Energy Report…Still Not Released

LIKE AN EVERREADY BATTERY…THIS SHIT GOES ON AND ON AND ON Woodstocks’ mayor, Michael Harding knows there’s something awry.Mr Harding, during his re-election campaign, stated publicly that he would release the details of the losses at Woodstock Infoenergy if he were to be re-eelcted.Well, he was re-elected, and he has buried the report as deep […]

Sentinel Review Journalist Hugo Rodrigues And The Newsprint Medias’ Ability To Survive

IS THE TRADITIONAL FORM OF NEWS DEAD? I read a story in yesterdays Sentinel Review about the profitability of the news print media in an electronic world, written by their journalist Hugo Rodrigues. In his story he commented on how blogs and online publications have provided for an alternative news source, but the depth of […]