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Harper Created This Crisis, Harper Deserves To Fall

PRIME MINISTER LAID HIMSELF BARE..BUT WHY? Jim Bender Although it might appear to be a gross miscalculation on the Prime Ministers’ part, it might well be that he calculated his own demise with his plan to gut public political party financing subsidies in order to remove himself from office knowing full well that the opposition(which […]

Canadian Government On The Verge Of Collapse

CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT SET TO FALL OVER THRONE SPEECH According to several media reports, the federal NDP and Liberals are pondering the formation of a coalition government in direct response to the absurd Throne Speech that was issued by the re-elected minority CONservative Party that contained absolutely nothing in the way of stimulus for the economy. […]

Oxford and The Things I lIke About It

SOMEONE ASKS…IF I AM SO BITCHY ABOUT EVERYTHING HERE, WHY DON’T I MOVE? Oxford is the home of my family. In the mid 1800’s my adopted family emigrated(as most others here did as well)to New York for a brief stint and then moved on to Oxford in 1865. My great great grandfather purchased 108 acres […]

An Open Letter To Tony Clement

WRITER ASKS FOR CLARIFICATION OF MISLEADING STATEMENTS MADE BY FORMER HEALTH MINISTER CLEMENT Dear Mr. Clement,During an all candidates’ meeting last month, I stated that in the entire 50 year history ofCanada’s health food stores, there have been zero deaths from consuming products purchased inthese stores. You took issue with this statement and stated publicly […]

Why The CPC Continues To Win In Oxford Is Beyond Me

HARPER CONSERVATIVES GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO DRIVE CANADA DEEPER INTO THE HOLE I swear, these guys are just too much for me. I mean that after a couple of years of Stephen Harper and his crew of MP’s being in charge of the country it isn’t hard to see that Canada is taking a shit […]

One City Of Woodstock Councillor Wants Tax Freeze

COUNCILLOR NORTHCOTT BREAKS THE MOLD Woodstock City councillor Jim Northcott has come out ahead of budget talks with an idea that many ratepayers in Woodstock seem to like…and that is…NO TAX HIKES! Northcott gave a small speech at the end of the last council meeting, and in it he stated that “now is not the […]

Carleton University Students Association Say Cystic Fibrosis Is "A White Mans’ Disease"

CARLETON STUDENTS CANCEL CF FUNDRAISER AFTER DECIDING IT IS A “WHITE MANS’ DISEASE” The Carleton University Students Association voted this week to cancel the annual frosh week Shinerama which previously had donated its’ raised funds to the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation after they decided that Cystic Fibrosis is a “white mans’ disease” and that their […]

Sweaburg Public School Gets The Axe

BOARD OF EDUCATION AGREES UNANIMOUSLY TO CLOSE DOWN SWEABURG SCHOOL NEXT YEAR Sweaburg Public school was sent to its’ death last night after trustees voted unanimously to close the 50 some odd year old facility down at the end of this school year. Citing economics and a drive to move students into larger facilities the […]

A Letter To The Bank

I’M JUST WONDERING……. Dear Sirs, In view of what seems to be happening internationally with banks at the moment, I was wondering if you could advise me. If one of my cheques is returned marked “insufficient funds,” how will I know whether that refers to me or to you? Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news […]

New Government Program To Reintroduce The Newly Redesigned Coal Fired Pressure Cooker

IN KEEPING WITH THE TIMES, THE GOVERNMENT REINTRODUCES THE HOME COAL FIRED PRESSURE COOKER! In what’s being billed as one of the most innovative economic reform moves by any world government, the Harper government in keeping with the times, has reintroduced the coal fired pressure cooker that has been redesigned to hold not one, but […]