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It’s About Time

FINALLY…SOME ARMED BORDER GUARDS Armed border guards were on duty at the Canada/US border for the first time Monday. Eight CBSA personnel who work at the Peace Bridge port of entry – two superintendents and six officers – were among the first Canadian border officers trained to use handguns. Some of them were on duty […]

Woodstock Mayor Renames Council, " HIS COUNCIL".

MAYOR HARDING STATES COUNCIL IS “HIS COUNCIL” Michael Harding, Mayor of Woodstock, Ontario has recently started calling council,” HIS COUNCIL.” In a Monday July 30th, 2007 story in the Woodstock Sentinel Review regarding Clothesline Covenants, Mayor Harding made the following statement; “The question remains do we have the power to strike down the bans”. “I […]

MIke Colle Resigns After $32 million Given Away In Improper grants

ONTARIO IMMIGRATION MINISTER RESIGNED I’ve waited a few days to write this one because…I was just too pissed to write anything Thursday. At the same time Dalton McGuinty and his caucus are busy denying treatment for Autism because it would be too expensive, they are busy giving away the farm to people that didn’t require […]

John Tory? Randy Hillier?

JOHN TORY NEEDS TO RE-EXAMINE THE NOMINATION OF RANDY HILLIER The pressure is on for Ontario Conservative leader John Tory to cancel the nomination of Randy Hillier, Ontario Conservative candidate for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, for praising pre-Medicare health care in an opinion piece this past Friday.Hillier, in a rambling diatribe against “monopolies”, wrote in the […]

St Thomas Head Shop Raided By Police

40 YEAR OLD MAN FACES DRUG CHARGES A major drug bust at a St. Thomas business results in charges. Police say they’ve seized a load of magic mushrooms, marijuana, Percocet and drug-making literature(isn’t literature protected under the charter of rights and freedoms?) from a St Thomas store called “Area 51.” A search at an upstairs […]

Interesting Enough, Poll On This Site Shows A Slim Margin Of Support For Afghanistan Intervention

POLL SHOWS VERY SLIM MARGIN OF SUPPORT FOR AFGHAN WAR Wierd, but the poll I conducted here on this site shows a slim margin of support for the war in Afghanistan, contrary to what is published regularly in the mainstream media. I think that I would attribute that to several things, but primarily the lack […]

Lyin’ Brian Ordered To Pay $470,000.00 to Schreiber

MULRONEY CAUGHT WITH HIS PANTS DOWN Brian Mulroney has been ordered to pay almost $470,000.00 to Karlheinz Schreiber after an Ontario Court agreed that judgement by default was in order after a request made by Schreibers’ lawyer for the courts to render a judgement. As Mulroney had not made a statement of defence regarding the […]

And A Rebuttal For The UTRCA General Manager, Ian Wilcox

Regarding the ‘clarification of facts” letter by Ian Wilcox of the UTRCA, I would like to suggest that perhaps two words might interest him and all others involved in this mess; clarity and transparency. During the last council session, all four groups had an opportunity to speak to council on this matter of developing Sally […]

GM Announces Tillsonburg Plant Closure

TILLSONBURG TO LOSE 300 HIGH PAYING JOBS: LOOKS LIKE TOYOTAS’ PROSPERITY IS SPREADING REALLY WELL HERE Tillsonburg residents are faced with increasing unemployment as a result of GM’s decision to pack it in. GM had been operating out of the TDS group building in Tillsonburg for many years. A company spokeperson said the plant will […]

Harpers’ CONservatives Begin Program Of Axing Anything They Did Not Design

CONSERVATIVE PARTY AGENDA INCLUDES PICKING ON AVERAGE CANADIANS The CONServative party has begun axing programs and services which were not initiated by them, including literacy programs, the medical marijuana program(which paid for itself), womens programs and other programs that would have appealed to non conservative voters, including the court challenges program which funded equality and […]