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The Liberal Party Of Canada Is Set To Elect A New Leader This Weekend

LIBERAL LEADERSHIP HOPEFULS GATHER IN QUEBEC THIS WEEKEND FOR CONVENTION Canadas’ Liberal party is set to elect a new front man this weekend after weeks and months of hard campaigning. The main front runners in the campaign would appear to be Bob Rae(the former Ontario premier), Michael Ignatieff(the former US citizen), Stephane Dion(a large E […]

Antiquidated Sewer Systems Threaten great Lakes Stability

GREAT LAKES ARE FILLED WITH RAW SEWAGE FROM MANY WATERFRONT CITIES The Sierra Legal Defence Fund has commissioned a study that identifies the mass devastation that raw sewage has on the great lakes. Each year, the equivalent of 37,000 olympic sized pools of sewage is released into the great lakes basin from numerous Canadian cities […]

Warehouse Fire Closes 6 Block Area To The Public

THIRD FIRE IN THREE WEEKS FINALLY CLAIMS WAREHOUSE A huge fire has resulted in the complete destruction of a Mill street warehouse that formerly housed a paintball arena and several smaller businesses over the years. A fire that happened at the building 10 days ago was still under investigation for suspected arson when the building […]

Letter To Michael Harding Sent November 28, 2006

OPEN LETTER TO MICHAEL HARDING Hi Michael,Congratulations on your win in the recent municipal election.I do have a question or two for you, and was wondering if you could honour or humour me with a response?Is a timeline for the release of Mr. Bedards’ report on the hydro issue available to the general public?If so, […]

Harper Government Begins To Disintegrate

HARPER GOVERNMENT BEGINS TO UNRAVEL AFTER CABINET MINISTER RESIGNS IN CONDEMNATION OF THE “QUEBEC NATIONHOOD” MOTION PUT FORTH BY HARPERS’ GOVERNMENT. Yesterday, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Michael Chong quit his prestige position rather than vote for a motion that he said endorses ethnic nationalism and racism. “I believe that recognizing the Quebecois as a nation even […]

Conservatives Get An Ass Kicking In London

LIBERAL GLENN PEARSON TAKES LONDON RIDING EASILY Otherwise known as…Dianne Haskett goes into the good night.(yahoooooo!!) Number of votes..folowed by their percentages… London North Centre Canadian ActionWill Arlow510.1IndependentRobert Ede730.2ConservativeDianne Haskett8,93624.4PC PartySteve Hunter1360.4Green PartyElizabeth May9,47625.9LiberalGlen Pearson12,76734.8N.D.P.Megan Walker5,21814.2Total number of valid votes: 36,657 Polls reporting: 247/253Voter turnout: 36,657 of 89,139 registered electors (41.1%) Obviously this is an […]

Standard Tube Park, and Burgess Park Are Given Away

CITY OF WOODSTOCK GIVES AWAY PARKLAND TO SALLY CREEK DEVELOPERS…FOR FREE Big developers…get your asses out to Woodstock. Land is cheap…in fact, it’s free! Council recently approved paying for an environmental assesment on Burgess and Standard Tube Parks…just so we could give it away for free to some big ass developers… Nice… So, now that […]

Numerous Arrests Made After Crack Houses Raided

TWO CRACK HOUSES ON CHAPEL STREET(ACROSS FROM OLD CHAPEL SCHOOL) ARE RAIDED OCPS have raided 2 Chapel street residences in an effort to reduce the number of rock star homes in the area. Police acting on a tip, investigated these places for approximately 3 months before taking actions. Charged are: 31-year-old Amey Miller, 43-year-old Ron […]

London Byelection Will Be The First Test For Tories

DIANNE HASKETT(THE RABIDLY HOMOPHOBIC CONTENDER FOR MP) HOLDS CONSERVATIVE PARTY FORTUNES IN THE BALANCE You can bet the PMO is watching this one. Stephen Harper, the CONServative Canadian Prime Minister must be holding his breath this morning as the polls in London prepare to open. Hopefully he holds it until he passes out… This race […]

Quebec Motion On A "Nation Within A Nation" Is Mindless

QUEBECS’, “NATION WITHIN A NATION” STATUS UNDERMINES CANADIAN FEDERALISM Or better yet: Our politicians are dumb, dumb, dumb… It is one thing to allow for the unique cultural identity that Quebec itself posesses, but to allow for the ideal of a unique “nation within a nation” will undoubtedly complicate the identity and constitutional makeup of […]