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Thanks For The Restitution Mr Flaherty

CANADAS’ FINANCE MINISTER…RETURNS WHAT WAS OURS I find it puzzling to say the least, that everyone is so happy about our finance minister handing us back…what was ours to begin with. After years and years of excruciating tax burdens, Jim Flaherty has decided that he will give us a few pennies back, here and there. […]

Come To Woodstock…You Can Buy Anything Here

WOODSTOCK IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS…THE ENTIRE DAMNED TOWN IS FOR SALE! Who needs a park, when we could all be earning a dollar a round for golf? This may not be so bad, but who wants to trust a private golf course operator to show us the books and actually turn over the suggested $1.00 […]

Council Will Decide On Burgess Park…Nov 1, 2007

WOODSTOCK CITY COUNCIL TO DECIDE THE FATE OF CONSERVATION AREAS November 1st Woodstock City council will decide to either endorse a golf course(on publicly owned park/conservation land)or will decide to just leave it as is.(with some developement of a trail system) Then the process will move into the hands of the Upper Thames Board who […]

We’ve Been Ripped Off : The Integrity Commissioner Part One

INTEGRITY COMMISSIONER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INVESTIGATE ANYTHING FOR THIS CITY This week I will file an access to information with the City of Woodstock in order to discover who made the decision to stifle the Integrity Commissioner. Read this…straight from the city website. The thing is rife with spelling errors… _________________________________ Complain Protocol […]

GAP Clothing Stores Are Using Children To Manufacture Their Clothes

GAP CLOTHING SHOPS USE CHILD LABOUR According to a UK Observer report, GAP stores are making their christmas apparel line with the help of children. New Delhi India is home to many millions of people, and is one of the oldest cultures on earth but on the sinister side it is home to a thriving […]

CONServatives new program for reducing prison populations under fire.

WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED AT KITCHENERS’ FEDERAL WOMENS’ PRISON? Originally billed as an inmate suicide, prison guards now face charges(whatever that means) in the death of female prisoner. Two male guards are now facing charges in the death of a 19 year old female inmate who was recently transferred from a young offender program to complete […]

Let’s Develope Vansittart Park…Across From The Splashpad

INSTEAD OF KILLING A CONSERVATION AREA…BUILD SOME HOUSES IN THAT VACANT PARK ON VAN AVE Just thinking… Why doesn’t Al Hargreaves buy up that useless park on Van Ave(you know the one…across from the kiddie splash pad) and build some high density housing there? There’d be much less work for him, he’d have no major […]

What Happened To The Official Opposition?

Do Canadians wish for another year of uncertainty?Sometimes I wonder just what the heck is going through the mind of the party leaders, Dion, Layton and Harper.(Never mind Duceppe, he’s quickly become another political footnote.)After all of the public bemoaning of the Conservative agenda, the liberal party walked away from its’ responsibilties as the official […]

Hey…You Better Vote on this one!

Question of the day from heart FM Do you think another 9-holes should be built on the Burgess Park/Standard Tube lands? Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news and more. Major focus on Woodstock, Ontario politics.

An official Statement from The Audubon Society

NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY STATEMENTON AUDUBON INTERNATIONAL Hi Jim, Sorry I wasn’t able to respond sooner. I was out of the office at the end of last week and am still catching up on the many e-mails that are sent to this address. I have attached our official statement on the group calling itself Audubon International, […]