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US Government May Move To Protect Canadas’ Polar Bears

WHILE CANADAS’ GOVERNMENT SITS ON ITS’ ASS, US GOVERNMENT PLANS PROTECTION FOR POLAR BEARS The American Fish and Wildlife Service has plans to announce within days whether or not it will classify the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.This type of designation is one rung below endangered status, but similar […]

One More Dead Canadian Soldier

LIKE I’VE SAID BEFORE…THIS IS A WAR OF ATTRITION The possibility that Canada is winning the war in Afghanistan received another blow yesterday after another Canadian soldier was killed while driving past a roadside bomb that exploded near Kandahar. A convoy of soliders headed back to Kandahar for New Years’ eve celebrations at the Canadian […]

Canadian Government Sends Assistance To Korea for Cleanup

ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER TEAM ON ITS WAY TO KOREA The Canadian government has deployed several teams of environmental specialists to the west coast of Korea where an oil tanker was rammed by another cargo ship puncturing 4 oil tanks on the ship earlier this month. The 147,000-tonne Hebei Spirit has leaked more than 10,000 tonnes of […]

This is a really old news release

HOW DO YOU PROMISE SOMETHING THAT YOU DO NOT ALREADY OWN????? PLEASE NOTE THE DATE THEY MADE THE POST….. Golf news releases, stories, and tournament listings for London and Southwestern Ontario.FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups RegisterProfile Log in to check your private messages Log inNew Woodstock Golf Course Under ConstructionIn the News Forum Index -> […]

Invading Iran Could Lead To Oil Prices Of $200.00 a Barrel

IRANIAN INVASION COULD SEND WORLD OIL PRICES TO THE $200.00 MARK According to Hugo Chavez, the elected dictator of Venezuala, any invasion of Iran would lead to oil prices hovering near the $200.00 a barrel mark for the first time in recorded history. Chavez stated that as a result of any invasion, and the fact […]

Southern USA Drought Conditions Will Spur Waterless Urinals

WATERLESS URINALS ARE ON THE WAY The drought facing several southern states like Florida and Georgia may help facilitate a change to water-free urinals.While the concept of waterless urinals has yet to catch on in most U.S. states, sales people have said that the existence of the lengthy drought has made the restroom items more […]

Feds Hand Out 32,000 Employment Insurance Cheques Accidently

32,000 Unemployed Western Canadians Given Bonus EI Cheques Thousands of Canadians in the west mistakenly received an “extra” issue of their EI from the federal government over the last few weeks – and the government wants it back.Nearly 32,000 people receiving EI benefits got back-to-back payments, as a result of a technical problem at the […]

Merry Christmas Everyone…Watch Out For The Dreaded Harper Hangover!

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Canadian Ambassador To Iran Expelled

Canadas’ Ambassador To Iran Leaves Iran Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier said Canadas’ ambassador to Iran had been ordered to leave the country yesterday after some disagreement with Iran over its’ human rights record and its’ nuclear energy program(most likely over the arrest and beating death of Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi for which Canadas’ government […]


“The Royal Channel” now On You Tube The Royal family has started it’s own You Tube channel. Anyone iterested in the British monarchy will be interested in seeing the historical footage available here. Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news and more. Major focus on Woodstock, Ontario politics.