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Oh…and Here’s that latest comment as a link.. Not only is this funny…they have recipes! Personally, I think they may just be right though…especially where they say voting is not only useless, it actually undermines genuine democracy by legitimizing an inherently undemocratic process Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news and more. Major focus on Woodstock, Ontario politics.

Harper Has More To Worry About Than The Latest Polls Show

FACING ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY, PARLIAMENT GETS BACK TO HANGING OUT…THIS TIME THEY SHOULD BE PRODUCTIVE AND INTRODUCE A BILL TO LEGALIZE POT(JUST ‘CUZ THEY AREN’T DOING ANYTHING ELSE WORTHWHILE) According to the latest polls being broadcast, many Canadians are apparently afraid that the federal CONServative government just may be lacking in public relations..(that is, with the […]

Hmmm,…We Should Have A "Be Nice To the Parking Lady Day".

HOW MANY YEARS MUST ONE WORK AS A “TEMP” WORKER, DOING THE CITIES’ DIRTY WORK BEFORE BEING HIRED? How many “temp” workers does the city of Woodstock employ? And why would the city of Woodstock engage the services of a temp agency to begin with? A temp agency cannot be saving us taxpayers any money, […]

A Great Weekend To Enjoy A Walk

INTERESTING PIECES OF HISTORY AND A STUNNING ARRAY OF NATURE JUST WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED RIGHT HERE IN WOODSTOCK! Yesterday my son Jayden( who has autism) and I took a walk through the Burgess and Standard Tube Park systems(part of the Millenium Trail) just to grab some excercise and to see what was happening in […]

Chinese Consulate Threatens Travel Alberta & Tourism Calgary to Not Sponsor Cultural Show

Press Conference: Victims call on Canadian government to investigate possible breach of Vienna convention on consular affairs Calgary- New Tang Dynasty TV Canada will hold a press conference to call on the Canadian government to investigate the actions of the Chinese Consulate General in Calgary for pressuring Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary to drop their […]

Global Food Shortage Looms

RICE AND FLOUR HAVE DOUBLED IN PRICE IN 2008 Canadians accustomed to low food prices will be in for a shock in coming months after the prices of some staple foods doubled earlier this month. Flour and rice prices are on the rise as producer countries ship out the last of their 2007 stocks. Food […]

UTRCA Information Meeting To Save our Parks Was Very Well Attended

UTRCA MEETING WENT SMOOTHLY The meeting held last night at Goff Community Complex to discuss the future of our local conservation lands was really well attended despite this thing being dragged out for the last year or so. I guess that in itself is a testament to how much people want to see this area […]

Harpers’ CONservatives…The Buck Stops Elsewhere For Accountability

CONSERVATIVES UNDER FIRE FOR ANOTHER IN AND OUT SCHEME Oh this is too much, but it is funny.(well not really!) We are so blessed here in Canada to be governed by Mr Accountability and his merry band of peons. Stephen Harpers’ CONservative party has come under attack for what Elections Canada is calling an in […]

Canada Post Looks For Larger Subsidy Payout From Feds

GOVERNMENT (“JUNK”) MAIL HAS INCREASED DRAMATICALLY IN PAST 10 YEARS (Or the electronic era seems to be missing here in this story..) According to recently released documents from Canada Post, they are in the midst of begging for another raise in subsidy payments made from the taxpayers purse, to the CORPORATION that cannot compete. The […]

Hundreds Turn Out To Protest Marijuana Prohibition.

AT LEAST 300 PROTESTERS TURN OUT FOR ANTI-PROHIBITION MARCH Woodstocks’ downtown was taken over by hordes of pot smoking protesters yesterday in the 4th annual protest against the ills of marijuana prohibition. The march commenced in downtown Woodstock near City Hall and ended at the junction of highway 59 and Vansittart Avenues. Marchers were greeted […]