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Harper Eats A Biscuit…Who Cares?

This is Kind of Lame… Oh, and the big news today for anyone who follows Canadian politics is…Prime Minister Harper ate a BISCUIT.(they call it the body of the host) Frankly, I could careless whqat he did at Romeo LeBlancs’ funeral, and personally, the rest of Canada should not care either. Me, I’m a non-believer […]

A Promise(yeah, like those fixed election dates)To Allow Business Owners Employment Insurance By Jim Bender

CERTAINLY IS AMAZING HOW MANY IDEAS POP OUTTA THEIR HEADS DURING ELECTIONS (EVEN BETTER, IS THE NUMBER OF PROMISES THEY WILL BREAK) Zippity doo dah, Zippity Aye, my oh my what can we promise today? If campaigns are supposed to be about brains and who is the best leader , it appears the Conservative party […]