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Nova Scotias’ Sydney Tar Pits Are Going To Be Buried

ANNOUNCEMENT BY MICHAEL FORTIER(THE UNELECTED MINISTER FOR PUBLIC WORKS, APPOINTED A SENATOR BY HARPER)IS STUNNED, WASTEFUL AND NOT BY ANY MEASURE, A CLEANUP. The “New CONservative Government” has announced a new program to save the environment around Nova Scotias’ infamous Sydney Tar Pits by burying…yes, burying the stinking toxic mess in a $400 million sarcophagus! […]

Ex- Mossad Chief Efraim Halevy Says World War 3 Has Begun

FORMER ISRAELI SPY CHIEF SAYS WW3 HAS BEGUN, BUT WE DON’T KNOW IT! The former head of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad said in an interview published Saturday in Portugal that “the world is already in world war three, and we can expect a 25 year battle for the control of the planet . During this […]

Booming Alberta Booms In Domestic Violence

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RATES SOAR IN THE OIL PATCH As the Alberta economy continues to excel, so does the rate of domestic violence in the oil province. In the past 5 years, 90,000 criminal domestic violence charges were laid in the province, and 13,000 women and children were forced to seek shelter at government operated emergency […]

Ontario NDP Leader Howard Hampton Demands Minimum Wage Increase To $10.00 An Hour

ONTARIO NDP LEADER HOWARD HAMPTON DEMANDS AN INCREASE TO ONTARIOS’ MINIMUM WAGE Ontario NDP leader howard Hampton has come out swinging for a minimum wage increase to $10.00 per hour. “New Democrats will not sleep, we will not slumber, we will not rest until Ontario has a $10-an-hour minimum wage and every working person in […]

CONservatives Begin Program Of Attack Ads

DESPERATE TO KEEP CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT, THE CONSERVATIVES LAUNCH ATTACK ADS AGAINST THE LIBERAL OPPOSITION In A desperate attempt to maintain strength in the polls, the CONservative government in Ottawa has announced a program of attack ads in the hope that they will render the Liberal leader Stephane Dion useless. The ads, part of […]

Jack Layton Begging For Votes

IN AN ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN RELEVANCY, LAYTON ATTACKS THE BANKS Jack Layton, the leader of the federal New Democratic Party has come out swinging against the big banks and the transaction fees they charge for cash withdrawals from Automatic Teller Machines. Layton appeared on a Toronto street corner in front of a CIBC ATM where […]

Number One Issue In Canada Is The Environment

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS LEAD THE RESULTS OF THE LATEST POLLS A new poll released by TNS Canadian Facts suggests that among all of the possible issues facing the electorate today, that the environment has for the first time in Canadian history taken the lead as the most pressing concern of our nation and earth. Canadians have […]

Woodstock Info Energy Report…Still Not Released

LIKE AN EVERREADY BATTERY…THIS SHIT GOES ON AND ON AND ON Woodstocks’ mayor, Michael Harding knows there’s something awry.Mr Harding, during his re-election campaign, stated publicly that he would release the details of the losses at Woodstock Infoenergy if he were to be re-eelcted.Well, he was re-elected, and he has buried the report as deep […]

Sentinel Review Journalist Hugo Rodrigues And The Newsprint Medias’ Ability To Survive

IS THE TRADITIONAL FORM OF NEWS DEAD? I read a story in yesterdays Sentinel Review about the profitability of the news print media in an electronic world, written by their journalist Hugo Rodrigues. In his story he commented on how blogs and online publications have provided for an alternative news source, but the depth of […]

Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes, Once More Airbus Comes To Haunt Us

ALMOST 20 YEARS AFTER THE FACT, AIRBUS, MULRONEY AND KARL SCHREIBER STILL REMAIN UNDER INVESTIGATION Evidence surfaces showing Schreiber paid Brian Mulroney $300,000.00 cash in three meetings in hotel rooms in New York and Montreal for his participation in the Airbus deal. Mulroney, speaking through his lawyer says that the money was paid to him […]