Daily Archives: December 24th, 2008

Homers’ Sports Pub Will Host A Dinner For The Less Fortunate

HOMERS PUB, DOWNTOWN WOODSTOCK WILL HOST A DINNER FOR UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE  One of my neighbouring businesses will be hosting a dinner for people who have no whre else to go on Dec 25.  Homers’ Sports pub operator, Ruby Gabris says that she will be handing out  holiday dinners  to people after coming to realize that […]

Muslim Scholar Discounts Existence of Prophet Muhammed

OH GOLLY! MY SUGGESTION TO THIS GUY IS RUN AND HIDE BEFORE THEY SALMAN RUSHDIE YOU! A well known Muslim scholar in Eurpoe has openly discounted the existence of the prophet Muhammad and now says that Muhammed is/was a mythical(made up) creation, equivalent to the made up Jesus thing that every one kills trees and […]

CONS Reinstitute Money For Films Like "Young People Fucking"

THE CONSERVATIVE RECENT BITCH SLAP FALLS SHORT OF ITS’ INTENDED TARGET  The party of official redneckism has  reinstituted film tax credits for movies like “young people fucking” after being slapped down in the recent election polls over their attacks on film and culture in Canada by canadian artists throughout the entire country. The attack on […]

RDSP’s….bah humbug.

SOME PLAN…BUT IT MAKES FOR A GREAT CHRISTMAS JOKE  Families of disabled persons will be able to set up tax-free savings plans after  measures enacted by the federal government last year came into effect. The registered disability savings plan – RDSP – had been proposed in the Cons 2007 budget but became effective only this month. […]