Daily Archives: November 6th, 2008

City Of Woodstock To Re-examine Spring Cleanup

IT’S BARELY NOVEMBER AND WE’RE ALREADY WORKING ON THIS ONE City council is preparing to re-examine the spring cleanup issue after discovering that costs have exceeded $180,000.00 yearly to operate the program. A city of Woodstock engineer claims that costs have increased as a result of the initiation of the bag tag garbage system. Prior […]

, Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan Freaks Out On Ontario MP’s

ONTARIO FINANCE MINISTER CHASTISES MP’S FROM ONTARIO, THANKS JACK LAYTON FOR STANDING UP Dwight Duncan has launched a series of verbal attacks on Mp’s from Ontario for not pulling their weight for Ontario and for not coming to the provinces’ defence during this time of economic downturn despite them being elected to serve Ontario and […]