Daily Archives: November 16th, 2008

CONServatives Come up with A Few Right Wing Resolutions

ABORTION MAY BECOME A CRIME IF CONSERVATIVE RESOLUTIONS ARE ADOPTED The CPC has passed a series of resolutions this weekend at their Winnipeg convention aimed at appeasing the right wing fundie elements of their political party. Some items that were discussed and passed are: The government should seek dangerous offender status (and mandatory life sentences) […]

Bailing Out The Auto Sector Is Bad Economics

AUTO SECTOR RIFE WITH PROBLEMS I keep thinking about this one and have come to the conclusion that throwing any money into the failing automotive industry would be foolish to put it mildly and would offer few benefits in the way of permanent job stability. The automotive industry has refused to pony up to the […]

Rae Calls For Series Of Open Leadership Debates

BOB RAE THE QUINTESSENTIAL DEBATER ASKS FOR AN OPEN PROCESS FOR LEADERSHIP Bob Rae has come out in support of an open debate process for determining who will be the next leader of the federal liberal party after concerns arose from his camp that Michael Ignatieffs’ team was against opening up the debates to all […]