Parliamentary Secretary says "Harper Underestimated The Seriousness Of Recession"

According to Kevin Page (the parliamentary watchdog), Prime Minister Harper “got it all wrong” when estimating the impact of the recession on Canada.
Page says that the Prime Minister failed to see the depth of the impact of the global recession on Canada when he and finance minister Flaherty released their January economic progress report and that Harpers’ guarantee that Canada would stoip running deficits in 5 years “was completely unbelievable”.
In his report that will be released later on this week, Page states that Canada wshould be prepared to lose more than 1.2 million jobs this year alone, more than double the predictions of the PM and Finance Minister.
For 2010 the Stephen Harpers’ conservative government has predicted a loss of perhaps 200,000 jobs at the most, while real economists predict that number to be in the realm of 700,000 jobs at the minimum.
The finance ministers’ parliamentary secretary acknowledges that the finance ministers’ predictions are wrong and that the government now acknowledges that things could get much worse for Canadians.

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