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Michael Jackson Memorial Live

Canadian News..Oxford county politics, International news and more. Major focus on Woodstock, Ontario politics.

Toronto Star Lays Off Classified Department

TORONTO STAR BEGINS PROCESS OF DIVERTING JOBS TO BUFFALO, NEW YORK According to the Communications,Energy And Paperworkers Union of Canada, The Toronto Star has contracted out its’ advertising department requirements to an AMERICAN FIRM that will now perform the duties of selling classified ads to Canadians instead of CANADIAN workers doing that job. Many longstanding […]

And, The Final News Of The Day

WHAT DOES WOODSTOCK DO WITH ALL OF ITS’ RECYCLING AND WHERE DOES THIS END UP? Well, there isn’t too much to say about this except for the headline. I wonder what the city engineer has to say about Woodstocks’ recycling program?(I will assume nothing as it is near to impossible to get an answer from […]

CONServatives Take Lead In Polls…Thanks To Your Tax Dollars

CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT USES YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO GAIN POLLING ADVANTAGE The federal CONservative government is off on its’ annual summer barbecue tour handing out monstrous cheques to anyone who will promise to vote CONservative in the next election. with that comes news that as the spending increases, so does Stephen Harpers’ standing in the polls! […]

Chinese Muslim Protests Spreading

CHINESE CITIZENS TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST MUSLIM UNREST Chinese Muslims continue to cause widespread unrest throughout northern China after clashes erupted between traditional Han Chinese and Muslim Chinese prior to this past weekend. Han Chinese are reporting that hundreds of their fellow compatriots were beaten and attacked last week after Muslims began rioting in Chinas’ […]

Ottawa Mayor "Doesn’t Make Sense"..Go Figure, He’s A CONservative

OTTAWA MAYORS’ TRIAL CONCLUDES TODAY Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Briens criminal trial for influence peddling will conclude today after final arguments are made to the judge. According to the crown prosecutor in the case Scott Hutchison, Larry O’Briens’ version of events just cannot possibly be believed when one considers all the facts in the case. “Mr. […]

Parliamentary Secretary says "Harper Underestimated The Seriousness Of Recession"

HARPER ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL…PARLIAMENTARY WATCHDOG According to Kevin Page (the parliamentary watchdog), Prime Minister Harper “got it all wrong” when estimating the impact of the recession on Canada. Page says that the Prime Minister failed to see the depth of the impact of the global recession on Canada when he and finance minister Flaherty […]

Ontario Tenants Will Be Forced into Paying HST

HST WILL BE CHARGED ON ALL PROPERTY RENTALS IN ONTARIO The amalgamation of Ontarios’ PST with the federal governments’ GST into the new HST(harmonized sales tax)will provide the Ontario government with millions in revenues from the poorest people in the province. Ontario tenants will be charged HST on their rents when the Ontario government switches […]