CONservative MP’s Accused Of Using Tax Dollars For Self Promotion


Personally I do not see the difference between the CPC using tax dollars for their own electoral benefit and the Liberal partys’ former sponsorship scandal abuses so of course we have to complain about it because frankly, that is what we Canadians do the best.
Peter Van Loan recently showed up in Innisfil, Ontario bearing with him two oversized cheques that were emblazoned with CPC logos and his “personal signature” as if to say the cash was his personally to send off to Innisfil and not the cash of Canadian taxpayers. Turns out that almost every CONservative MP was lucky enough to have his/her name emblazoned across the front of the cheque if they were in a riding that received infrastructure funding.
Of course it is obviously apparent that the CONS are using the breakdown of the economy to their best advantage by sending out their MP’s with these hugeass cheques(literally, they measure 2 foot by 3 foot)to prop up their flagging fortunes.
This is a government that works only on self promotion and really has no interest in doing a good job as long as they can get away with doing a crap job of governing.
Yes little men and women of the CPC…your pics look fine in the paper, your names look good on the cheques…but remember…we all see your names there and the only thing a guy like me thinks is that someone absconded with our tax dollars and is now running around the country writing bad cheques out to desperate Canadians.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves….Dave Mackenzie included. That cash belonged to all of us, and all of our names should be on those cheques, not some daft ministers.

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