Canadas’ Economic Action Plan….Ensuring A Few Bum Mp’s Get Re-Elected

The CONServative government operated wealth transfer system for vote purchasing is in full swing with CONservative MP’s fanning out across the country with their fake giant cheques in one hand and their burger flippers in another.
Conservative MP’s hoping to be re-elected have been armed with billions in taxpayer dollars that they can throw around at barbeque events or whatever else comes along that is unnecessary.
Our city gets a new Art Gallery for the poor art aficianados who cannot possibly afford to see art on their own dime, while others like the poorest of native communities in northern Canada get very little.(well, actually, we did send them a few handwipes, but we squeezed the alcohol outta them first)
You would think that with all of the money the CONservatives are throwing around they should be able to buy themselves a majority govenrment….right?
Not likely. This government is in a “maintain only” position with no prospects of electing any new MP’s in the near future. If anything, this $20 billion will buy them a quicker exit from the halls of parliament than even they anticpated.

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