Bass Opening Season Needs To Be Pushed Back

I love to fish.
I enjoy the relaxing feel of sitting out there on the water,with the wind on the face and the sound of the waves slapping at the side of my boat in a pefect rythmn.
Last week I was given the priveledge of attending the annual Bass Derby in Long Point Bay which stretches from Long Point,Ontario all the way to Nanticoke, Ontario. The weather was awesome, not too hot, not very windy but just about right.
In about 45 minutes I had caught my limit of bass and I decided to head in to the shore and have my catch weighed up in the hopes I’d win the big prize. I took the largest of the fish I had caught and had it weighed at Marina Shores(the check in point)in Long Point and it came in at 3.20 pounds…pretty hefty for a snmall mouth. I no doubt felt proud at the time.
I headed back to my boathouse and began the arduous task of gutting and skinning the monster from the depths.
I felt completely sick when I realized that not only that fish, but every fish I had caught still contained its’ roe and I had just slaughtered a countless number of baby fish for no good reason.
Feeling disturbed about the matter I talked to several other fishermen who relayed the same issue to me…they too had caught mostly fish that were full of eggs.
Speaking to the owner of Sandboy Marina later on about the matter, he told me that as the weather had been abnormally cool this year the fish had failed to lay their eggs on time and that as a result of that next years’ fishery would be ruined or extraordinarily poor.
I like fishing about as much as the next guy but frankly,the Ontario Ministry of Natural resources should step in and modify the date that the bass fishery opens in order to reduce the effects of the annual fish slaughter.
If we keep it up the way it is, in 10 years there likely won’t be a fishery left for any of us to enjoy for sport or eating.

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  1. Chris
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    I fully agree Jim

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