Daily Archives: June 30th, 2009

A Submission…AW

WOODSTOCKS’ TOP 10 DERELICT BUILDINGS..AND WHO OWNS THEM If you’ve seen the front page of today’s Sentinel you’re aware of the story about Woodstock’s ten worst crumbling derelicts. What should make you angry is that two of those properties are not derelicts. They are still in use and they are the property of the Corporation […]

Former Financial Poster Boy Madoff…Gets 150 Years

BERNIE MADOFF MADE OFF WITH THE CASH…GETS YEARS TO THINK ABOUT IT Hundreds of American investors are breathing a sigh of relief after the person that defrauded them in the worlds’ largest PONZI scheme, was finally sentenced to 150 years in prison for his role in perpetuating the hugest fraud in financial history. Bernie Madoff(hey, […]

More On The Afghanistan "RAPE LAW"

CANADIAN DIPLOMATS TOTALLY AWARE AFGHANISTAN WOULD PASS A LAW THAT PERMITS RAPE According to several news reports, the federal government and its’ officials were completely aware that Afghanistan would pass a piece of family law that made it illegal for women to refuse sex to their husbands in the war torn country. Earlier this year […]

Liberals Raising Cash Again

LIBERAL FUNDRAISING FOR THIS YEAR HAS ALREADY EXCEEDED LAST YEARS’ TOTALS The federal Liberal party has raised nearly as much cash this year through fundraising efforts as they did during the entirety of 2008. According to news reports the Liberals say that under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff they have been able to raise more […]