Daily Archives: June 29th, 2009

Hudak Wins…Ontario Loses

PREVENTING A HUDAK TORY WIN IN ONTARIO MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER NOW Wow, the PC party of Ontario have elected a man named fool who says he will take away all of the personal property of persons …”SUSPECTED” of criminal activity without the benefit of a trial if he should become elected to govern Ontario. […]

The Sally Creek Bluegrass Music Festival

SALLY CREEK BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL The inaugural Sally Creek Bluegrass festival is set to begin July 3,4 and 5th, 2009 just on the outskirts of Woodstock at the site of the outdoor Farm Show.(Tollgate road) Performers include top acts from the US and Canada. Headliners are 3 Fox Drive from Madison, Tennessee, Blackwell from Sarnia,Ontario, Foggy […]

Jim Flaherty Tells Local conservative MPP to FUCK OFF

HUDAK WINS, ELLIOTT LOSES, ELLIOTTS’ HUSBAND JIM FLAHERTY TELLS OXFORD MPP TO FUCK OFF…ERNIE…YA SHOULD HAVE KICKED HIM IN THE NADS…(IF HE HAS ANY) Ernie Hardeman the congenial MPP from Oxford has been told to FUCK OFF by Jim Flaherty the finance minister of Canada after Jims’ old lady Christine, got her ass kicked in […]