"Death to Khamenei!" Heard Loud And Clear On The Streets of Iran


Hundreds of thousands of Iranian protesters have turned on Irans’ religious leadership after being told that there is absolutely no reason for another election, a recount or anything in the middle eastern state.
The Ayattolah Khamenei has found himself hiding from the throngs of angry protesters in recent days as the clashes between Iranian security forces and angry persons reaches its’ apex.He has called for security forces to quell the riots and has told people that no public or private protest will be tolerated…Iranians appear loathe to listen to the man though and have launched public tirades against his office and crowds of Iranian youth ask for the head of the man they formerly looked up to.
The clash threatens to destabilize the office that he inherited after the former Supreme Religious leader died more than 20 years ago and may result in his position being completely dismantled after allegations of election fraud were launched against his office and government.
There’s an old saying from the Iranian revolution of 1979(that perhaps the Iranian leadership follishly forgot from their own experiences in the rise against the former Shah of Iran in 1979 and that is…kill one protester and you will have a thousand martyrs….
In my books that should equal about 100,000 martyrs prepared to die for the cause of their political freedoms.
You’d think these guys would have remembered their own past…..


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