Toronto Workers Go On Strike

This to me is totally ridiculous. A million Canadians are out of work and are suffering through this recession in the most miserable of ways, and a bunch of you union guys would think that you should walk off of your jobs, and start twisting the arms of your unemployed neighbours for more tax dollars to stick into your pockets.
The City of Toronto has issued contingency plans for garbage removal and for the collection of recyclables after the union that represnts 20,000 Toronto workers voted overwhelmingly to strike.
The strike will affect libraries, garbage workers, city pools, day cares and some maintenance people. The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 79 and the Toronto Civic Employees’ Union Local 416 says that they are no closer to finding a solution to the problem of their next contract and as a result decided that the best action was to strike.
This action will disrupt the lives of more than a million persons living in the GTA. Windsor,Ontario has had their garbage service supsended for mearly 10 weeks as that city grapples with a union that is asking for more money, and the ability to bank their “sick days”(as if anyone in the real world gets paid for possibly being sick)to put towards their retirements.


  1. Anonymous
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  2. Anonymous
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    Shameful of these guys.
    anonymous 6:57 am….
    has it right.

  3. Toronto Real Estate Agent
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    It's pretty common for union workers in pretty much every country to get more hours a week striking than actually working. If there only was a way how we could get rid of them ALL!

    Take care, Julie

  4. Anonymous
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    We need another union. Let's call it the General Public's Union. Everybody that's not a member of an existing union is automatically a member of the general public union.

    There. Now we're all special. đŸ™‚

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