Alberta Makes Plans For A Province Wide Municpal Auditor

A Committee of MLA’s from the Alberta provincial legislature is examining the possibility of introducing a bill that would see the creation of a province wide system for municipal audits.
An Auditor would help municipal politicians to do their jobs better and would assist in keeping those who are elected to serve(themselves?)more honest in their financial dealings.
One MLA stated that it was a “constitutional duty for the province to know what’s going on at the municpal level”.
Ontario could use the same thing. In fact, Woodstock could use the same thing.(plus, we could use a forensic auditor in this town as well… deal with INFO ENERGY and our mayors’ reluctance to tell us where the money went.(Hey Mikey…where’s that public meeting? )

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted June 22, 2009 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    No. No.No.No. This is so wrong in so many ways. All this is is Bigger Brother keeping an eye on Not So Big Brother.

    Can you imagine auditors appointed by McGuinty overseeing financial matters in Woodstock? Who do you think these auditors will be working for? You? This is just an example of upper tiers of government taking control of lower tiers of government.

    If a provincial government wants all communities to march in lock step to the directives of the state what better way than to have a "political officer" appointed to each community to take over the purse strings? What would be the point of electing city councils? The provincial government would weild the real authority and have to approve expenditures.

    Not a Municipal Auditor. Commissar of Finance would be a better title.

    Stop looking to Big Brother to save you. Giving any level of government more power and authority means you are giving up power and authority. It doesn't work. It's never worked. Big Brother isn't in business to save you. Big Brother is in it strictly for Big Brother.

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