Daily Archives: June 19th, 2009

Woman Ordered To Pay $1.92 Million For File Sharing

RIAA PUTS SQUEEZE ON AMERICAN SINGLE MOM Oh, here come the music Nazis. A single mother from the United States has been ordered to pay $1.92 million US for downloading and sharing 24 tracks of music from the internet. Jammie Thomas-Rasset a single mother of four has been ordered to pay a fine for violation […]

Ontario Conservatives Struggle To Find A Capable Leader

CHOICES ARE SLIM; IT’S EITHER HAVE FLAHERTYS’ WIFE, OR THE GUY WHO WOULD TAKE YOUR RIGHTS AWAY Ontarios’ CONServative party is struggling to find a competent and capable leader and the choices sure don’t look good.MPP Tim Hudak(the perceived front runner….unless you are talking to Christine Elliots’ team)has come out attacking his rivals after weeks […]

USA Bolsters Hawaii Defences After North Korean Threat of Launch

NORTH KOREA SAYS IT WILL FIRE A MISSILE TOWARDS HAWAII, US BOLSTERS DEFENCES ON ISLANDS The American government in response to the global threat of a nuclear armed North Korea has added missile defence capabilities to the state of Hawaii after North Korea announced it will fire a missile towards the state on Independence day […]

Iranians Continue Country Wide Protests Against Election Results

IRANIANS TAKE TO THE STREETS IN PROTEST OF AYATOLLAHS’ DECISION TO BACK HARDLINER Hundreds of thousands of Iranians are taking to the streets in an effort to overturn the decision of the Supreme Spiritual Leader, the Ayatollah, to back the incumbent presidential candidate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after a vote was held that was largely considered to […]