Harper CONservative Government Introducing Snooping Powers

Oh…and this takes the cake folks. Here comes Orwells’ big brother…and good ole J Edgar in tights…
Stephen Harper and his CONservative government would like not to only peek in your windows, but would like to listen in on all of your conversations and monitor your web browsing habits(as if they don’t already)in an effort to supposedly thwart crime.
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says that although new fangled communication devices are mighty handy to Canadians, he also said that Canadians are using them for criminal activity so for that reason every Canadian in Canuckland must be spied upon lest we fall to ruin.
Peter Van Loan(the public safety guy…not to be confused with Smokey the Bear)says that “other countries like the United Kingdom,United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden, already have similar legislation in place” so we should too because they already have and everyone knows you must have the same car as your neighbour or at least appear to have one even if it is a paper cutout.
The law will force Internet service providers to include interception capability in all of their networks and will have private companies and public libraries to do the same as well, and will empower police to monitor all and any online activity without a warrant to do so.
They will listen to everything that you and your Aunt Betty have to say.

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  1. bogged down
    Posted June 18, 2009 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    hey hows it going? Sooo Jim what do you think of this new Green Energy Act the liberals just put through in the province. There is some weird stuff going on with that legislation, like government agents being able to do energy audits and charge you if you have unwarranted energy wasting appliances or something to that nature.

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