EHealth Chairpersons’ Head Rolls Across The Floor

Another head has rolled at eHealth Ontario and this time it was the Chairpersons’. Dr. AlanHudson has been alleviated of his duties as Chairperson after numerous untendered contracts totalling more than $5million were handed out with little discretion if any.
Premier Dalton McGuinty stated yesterday that “the buck stops here” and that he accepted full blame for not having provisions in place that would prevent those systemic abuses of tax dollars as came to light in the eHealth fiasco.
Numerous heads have rolled including the head of a highly paid consultant that billed taxpayers for “choco-bites” while earning $2700.00 a day for doing absolutely nothing.
The eHealth program has failed to launch after repeated attempts by this government. There have been untold millions spent, numerous people hired and fired, and so many untendered contracts handed out to close friends and associates that one must wonder if eHealth is just a program for transferring wealth from taxpayers to private consultants that are friends of the “family”.
The Premier also stated that he intended to close these loopholes across the entire government in order to bolster public confidence in the operations of the government.
Frankly, there is little that these governments can do to bolster my confidence in their actions.


  1. Anonymous
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    Did he manage to say "the buck stops here" with a straight face? How the hell can he say he accepts the blame when it's everybody else that gets the axe and he's still in charge. If "he's to blame" then why hasn't he resigned?

  2. Anonymous
    Posted June 18, 2009 at 12:04 pm | Permalink


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