The National Post Does A Story On The CAS


Childrens’ Aid Socities have come under attack in an article published yesterday by the National Post.
In their story entitled “
Children’s Aid Society workers should be reined in, critics say” the author identifies numerous flagrant abuses that have occurred at the hands of the CAS and identifies that the CAS has absolute power above the criminal code.
CAs workers have little in the way of education, and many are educated in things that have nothing to dowith child protection.
The CAS routinely invaades peoples’ private dwellings, forces parents to adhere to specific teachings(like in the case of home scholling CAS has taken children stating that they are not “socialized” enough) and routinely take blood and urine samples from unsuspecting victims that they may or may not have the legal authority to collect.(most times “voluntary agreements” are signed which allow the CAS to steal your pee!).
Voluntary agreements are used to extract information or to coerce CAS victims into complying with whatever the CAS worker wishes. The CAS will threaten to take your children away…unless you sign a voluntary agreement…making it not too voluntary at all.
This organization should be forced to work within the confines of the law, and in fact this whole group should be reined in and forced to disclose the source of their “complaints”.
In a video we made of a CAs worker last month, that worker identified that CAS is a good tool for getting back at people you don’t like that have kids. She stated that a person could just call up anonymously and that they could say whatever and the CAS will take your kids until it is all sorted out, which in some cases, is never.
Police require warrants to arrest or to seize. CAS requires nothing, not even a shred of concrete evidence in order to attack you. CAS has the right to enter your home at will and search through your cupboards and sock drawers. They also appear to have the right to ask what garden vegetables you may be growing.(at least in my case they asked what typed plants I had growing in my house, when they were quite obviously flowers)
Their system works on anonymous complaints, and is not based in law. CAs is a bloated organization that is not accountable to the taxpayer in any form. They consistenty abuse their powers, misuse your tax dollars and are an organization that is built specifically to protect themselves more than any children around them. These workers are completely indemnified from any wrongdoing when they stand accused of systemic abuses.
It’s about time they are taken to task, and get their arses kicked.


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