CONServative Fate Hanging In The Wind


Of course everyone knows that no one in Ottawa seems ready to call an election(if we can believe anything they have to say) or at least they all seem fearful of the outcome should there be one held and this week has brought a huge amount of activity around the idea once again.
The Harper government according to Michael Ignatieff has all but failed when it comes down to governing Canada.
The government has failed to keep the isotope producing reactor at Chalk River running properly and as a result thousands of Canadians will be denied medical treatment as a result of the lack of Isotopes. Instead of working hard on the file, the Natural Resources minister spent her time meeting lobbyists(she has met with more lobbyists than anyone in the CONservative government) while pruning herself in order to make her appear more “sexy” on the job.
But I guess this is what it is all about. Good governance these days equals more hairspray and lotsa sexy stuff.
The government according to Ignatieff has failed to release economic stimulus funds quick enough in order to actually stimulate the economy and has instead willy nilly spent the money on silly projects(like Woodstocks’ art gallery) instead of on real infrastructure programs and services.
This spending free for all must stop, and if it takes an election to do it, then we ought to hold one. Canadians can ill afford to pay back the borrowed money that they are so casually throwing around in those CONservative ridings. Perhaps they are really anticipating never being re-elected, hence the wild and careless spending habits they have developed.

All I know is, you cannot continue to spend while cutting your income. Less taxes being taken in by the feds, should mean less money being spent and they should not have bailed out stupid crap like bankrupt auto makers and their equally greedy pension plans that most Canadians will never have or can even look forward to. I do not feel comfortable knowing that our CONservative government has forced me to pay for some silly auto pension while I have no pension at all.


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  1. Anonymous
    Posted June 16, 2009 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    "This spending free for all must stop, and if it takes an election to do it, then we ought to hold one."

    Since the spending legislation was approved and supported by the Liberals (whose chief bitch was that it wasn't enough or being spent quickly enough) I'd like to know how an election would stop the spending spree.

    The reactor at Chalk River was falling apart when the Harper government inherited it. The previous government *Liberal* neglected it to the point where it was beyond repair. The only bitch I have with Harper is that he's not building a new one.

    It's a minority government. None, absolutely none, of the legislation passed was passed by the Conservatives. In every case support from the Liberals was required to pass legislation. Any bitching you or anyone else have with legislation passed by this parliament should be spread evenly among the parties that voted in favour of it.

    In other words — fire.them.all.

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