Drive To Work


The Dr2Work caravan is having a short stopover in Woodstock and the Oxford Regional Labour Council is helping with a Barbecue for the community.
The BBq is at Southside parkat
the Bandshell pavillion June 17 at 6:00 pm. There will be speakers and discussion on job losses in the Oxford area.

all activists are welcome

On thursday June 18th, The demo will be at the corner of Thomas and Ingersoll Street in Ingersoll at 9:30 am. We strongly encourage all workers, Unemployed and Retirees to attend and tell their stories in these troubled times. Come out and listen to ways we can get our voices heard!

everyone is invited

For more information of the entire tour please see this link:

A few thing we need for the BBQ
a couple of BBQs
Truck to get them to and from Southside Park
Let me know if you have ability to help out.


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