Woostock Mayor Still fails To Comprehend Gallery Issue

Woodstock Mayor Michael Harding is happier than a swine in pooh that we are about to all be taxed in excess in order for him to build a white elephant in the downtown core of the city of Woodstock.
A few days past, Mayor Harding gave an interview where he announced his “pleasure” in receiving millions of federal tax dollars to build a gallery for his one or two gallery friends .
Basically this mayor is happy that he was able to take your tax money and squander it on a few people who can very well afford to pay for their own gallery entrance fees in this community.
Woodstock has an art gallery with a collection of questionable value. The gallery itself is poorly attended and is presently located in a gorgeous building that fits entirely into its’ surroundings. There is absolutely no need for a further expansion of its’ services as its’ services are not required by the community as a whole.
Scandously wasting tax dollars at a time when those resources are few and far between(unless you tax the shit out of a few more poor people)is beyond immoral when we have such pressing issues in our community like a well needed firehall, and better police resources on the streets to combat the growing oxy trade, and clean water resources that need to be developed.
Wasting this infrastructure money on cultural leisure for a few well heeled folks is disgusting and indicative of the kind of person this mayor is; unaccountable to the people that gave him his job, and in it only for himself.
The man has got to go.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted June 12, 2009 at 1:13 am | Permalink

    "to build a gallery for his one or two gallery friends ."

    You might be overestimating his support from the gallery people. Word is they're no happier than you are.

    Maybe it's time to stop looking at this from the perspective of an art gallery and more from the perspective that it's a bloated local megaproject that's being rammed through with no public support or consultation and considerable public opposition.

    Follow the money, if you can. Now you see it. Now you don't.

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