She’s Too Sexy For That Post, Perhaps Even Too Sexy For Herself


I’m not quite sure who is more incompetent today…the Prime Minister or the fool that operates the Ministry responsible for Natural resources.
This week a tape recording of Lisa Raitt was made public after a court injunction against its’ release was lifted by a judge. Tape Found Here!
In the tape Raitt makes disparaging comments about Leona Aglukkaq(the health minister) and says that she doesn’t think the health minister is capable of carrying out her duties in such a rough and tumble political world. She says that she feared that if Aglukkaq were handed a hot potatoe that she would drop it.
The aide to the minister who was responsible for leaving the recording device in a news bureau office of the Chronicle Herald, Jasmine MacDonnell
attempted to have the matter sealed up in the courts fearing public disclosure of the ministers’ stupidity.
MacDonnell commented to Minister Raitt on that tape that “the isotope issue is hard to control because it’s confusing to a lot of people.”(Basically she is saying there are a lot of stupid people out there)
The Minister responded by stating…”But it’s sexy, Radioactive leaks. Cancer.” The aide responded with “Nuclear contamination,” and the minister then says…”it’s all about money”.

Sexy eh Ms Raitt?All about the money is it?
As A cancer survivor I find this to be completely disturbing that this lame brained waste of HOC space would think that cancer is SEXY or that shorting people on medical treatment to be sexy and good for ones’ career.
She must be outrageously stupid to state this, and she must be totally unfocused on the job to have time to sit around worrying about whether or not she is sexy on her job and it is quite apparent that she is fully dependent on this prime minister(who does not deserve capitols) who has protected her from her lame actions.
Frankly, this person needs to resign. Or the Prime Minister does. Last year thousands of persons were made sick by the rotting meat Listeria mess, and during that time another CONservative Party intellectual lightweight, Gerry Ritz made wisecracks about “death from a thousand cold cuts” when told of Canadians dying on the streets from his ministries’ lack of regulatory oversight in the meat industry. This same man went on to ask if the former Agriculture minister under the liberals was then one of the victims in the hopes that his political adversary was dead.
This government has got to go. This is not a Primie Minster that we can be proud of. This is a government that is busy worrying about how they look in the drivers’ mirror, a government concerned only about re-eelction and not good governance, and this is a government of completely irresponsible persons.
Yeah Ms Raitt….you are just too sexy…for your job.



  1. Anonymous
    Posted June 9, 2009 at 10:39 am | Permalink

    Hoo boy. If Raitt and Baird are representative of " a government concerned only about re-elction" they are in deep kaka. If this is how they behave when they're concerned about re-election I hate to think how they'd behave with a majority.

    I've been waiting for Iggy to put his foot in his mouth and screw up the Liberal campaign. Right idea. Wrong feet.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted June 9, 2009 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    They are on the right track. Resignations should be handily prepared in advance for this failure. Call her Maxime, and she would be gone.

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