John Baird Tells Toronto To Fuck Off

In a typical John Baird moment, Toronto was told to “fuck off” by this CONservative bully.
Torontos’ only application for federal stimulus dollars was rejected yesterday by John Baird as being incomplete, while on the other hand, the foot dragging administration of the City of Ottawa that hasn’t completed its’ application was treated with kid gloves…by the minister who hails from Ottawa-Nepean.
In a freak out session John Baird yesterday stated that
“Twenty-seven hundred people got it right. They didn’t. That is not a partnership and they’re bitching at us,
they should fuck off.”
Baird admitted the profane disclosure later on, and justified it by stating…”I didn’t know I was in a media room”.
Basically, the minister was stating he had no idea where he was/is…and frankly, if the guy has no idea where he is standing perhaps he shouldn’t be left alone for fear he may lose himself somewhere in one of those rooms. Perhaps we should setup a “wandering registry” for the man.
You know John, I think Toronto would be glad to fuck off, and in fact, you can bet they’ll remember that comment of yours for sometime to come. And if they don’t, we’ll remind them the next time you CONServatives are out begging for votes in Toronto.
This is one more minister that should be tossed out on his duff for dissing the good folks of Toronto.

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