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Everyone needs a Sunday smile or two…and a wee bit of truth intermingled with it really isn’t such a bad thing either.
My thought for the day is….if there were one thing on planet Earth that would benefit humankind that you could do as an individual, what would that one thing be?
The human race once in its’ infancy, now seems to be in its’ senior years. Have we as a result of our actions destroyed our very selves? Or is this change we are experiencing globally just part of the natural phenomena of planetary evolution?
We will never know, as we will not all exist in the future, and our time being limited is a mere drop in the bucket when compared to the age of the universe.
We spend our time being concerned and preoccupied about the global throes of economic mayhem, when we should spend our time creating ways of bettering ourselves in our communities and in our shared community living spaces.
If there was one thing that I could do that I feel would change not all of humankind, but the kindness of humans, perhaps that one thing would be to first be kind to those around me, before expecting kindness from those very same persons, but no, there is another thing as well so it is kind of a toss up in that regard.
It’s simple to lose sight of things when everything is so difficult around us, and generally very easy to ignore those around us while being so preoccupied with ourselves. Trying to be kind is up there, and it could be said that without kindness, the world would be a crappy place, and in many places, it truly is. I would encourage you all to meet your neighbours and say hello every now and then.
Right up there with being kind is,


The vast uncounted majority think that nothing on earth can ever change the political process, and many Canadians have walked away from their electoral public duty and seem not to even care about these processes that are designed to be public democracy but in fact lack all of the substance that actually makes a democracy what it is. Obviously I have just answered the question myself of why.
Our politicians,political parties, governments all the way down to the lowly municipal councils(who by the way probably carry more weight, bring in more laws, and outspend your federal/provincial governments by far) are constantly failing to achieve even the status quo when it comes down to honesty and integrity and Millions of Canadians look through that thin veneer and see these people for what they are; generally underachievers in various categories, but friendly enough to have a few friends and donors that assist them in their public pursuit of exertion of control over a population that simply yields itself to a group of people who have been elected as a result of the vast uncounteds’ lack of participation in the process.
Our house of Commons should be a model for all Canadians, and it should be achievable to any Canadian while at the same time accessible to all. MP’s should be elected not by party affiliation, but by merit and their desire and ability to get the job done, no matter what the job. The party system requires a deconstruction in total. instead of achieving dividends for Canadians, our MP’s are achieving dividends for themselves.
If there was one thing that I could do that would change the way we think and work, I would ask that everyone vote, more than anything. The only way that we can achieve anything substantial in our nation and in our cities and towns is to change the folks that run the place.
Without people that care, and without kindness, nothing will ever be achieved, and without MP’s and elected officials that are responsible and accountable to you, me and my neighbors, we will always have an illusory democracy.
Next election….Do something for yourself and neighbour, go and vote!
(I hope that concludes a good Sunday laugh!)
jim bender, woodstock


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