EHealth Boss Takes Bonus Double The Allowable Limit


Ontarios’ eHealth system is under fire for apparent misuse of funds after it was disclosed this week that the eHealth boss paid herself a bonus double that which is permitted according to the services’ own internal regulations.
eHealth boss, Sarah Kramer
has been reported to have paid herself a bonus that is equivalent to the yearly earnings of 25 welfare recipients, or more than $114,000.00 for the 2008 fiscal year.
eHealths’ internal documents show that employees may be given a bonus but that bonus is not to amount to more than 15% of a persons’ yearly salary. In the case of Kramer, her bonus was double that of the allowable rate. Under current rules she would have been “entitled”(I hate that frigging word) to a bonus of $57,000.00.
Frankly, even $57,000.00 is way too much for an organization that has pissed away millions of taxpayer resources without being able to provide any evidence that they are actually achieving anything.
Fire them all!(thanks AW!)


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  1. Anonymous
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    Meanwhile taxpayers are standing in line and in some cases dying in line while waiting for treatment. That's Government Health Care. It's all about Government not Health Care.

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