Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2009

Woodstock Mayor To Issue Media Alert

And Here Comes Blackout Day… Mayor Michael Harding will challengemayors from across Ontario to say Count Me In! to the Community ConservationChallenge Day to take place on the sixth anniversary of the infamous blackout– August 14th.Mayor Harding will issue an energy conservation challenge to fellowmunicipal leaders across Ontario at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 3, […]

Burger King Loses Overnight Shifts

MORE LAYOFFS FOR WOODSTOCK AND AREA Burger King restaurants has laid off its’ entire night shift and has closed its’ restaurant overnight in Woodstock after falling sales forced the burger makers’ management to slash its’ employee workforce. The closure is effective immediately and has resulted in numerous people losing hours and shifts. Canadian News..Oxford county […]

Conservative Law Enforcement Officers’ Caucus.

FORMER OFFICERS FORM CONSERVATIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT CAUCUS And here’s another stupid idea from our reigning CONservatives. A group of retired police who have been elected as MP’s in the past election have decided that this country really needs a CONservative law enforcement branch so they struck a committee that is comprised of four retired or […]