US And south Korean troops Placed On High Alert

North Korea has ratcheted up tensions in the Korean peninsula after stating that they would act accordingly to any overtures of intervention from any outside forces.
As a result US and South Korean forces have been placed on high alert in prepartion for an impending armed conflict with the secretive murderous dictator from the North.
Creepy mini Kim announced that he is prepared to use nukes against any “percieved” agressors after global government protests’ of his countrys’ testing of massive nuclear weapons on the Peninsula. In an alarming show of bravado, Kim ordered the launch of several more missiles to show his countrys’ burgeoning weaponary systems despite numerous UN treaties that the North Koreans’ are a party to. Kim has all but ignored calls to cease and desist from global leaders and all of South Korea. Japan has expressed concerns and has stated that they will act arbitrarily against North Korea if the nation does not stop testing nukes. The Japanese military has been placed on high alert as well. The UN security council(your local police have more authority than they do) has issued a stern warning to North Korea as well, but really, that doesn’t mean anything as the UN is rare to act unless there’s gold or oil involved. If North Korea had oil, Kim would have been in a grave by now.
While North Koreans starve, Kim continues to get fat, and continues to spend all of the available resources of the impoversihed country on building new weapons solely for the purpose of antogonizing the entire world. Collectively the world should dispatch this creepy thing before those weapons of huge destruction end up in the hands of say…Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria or Iran or Mr Harding.

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