Flaherty Says…Be Prepared, I’m About to Spend You To Death

Oh yeah, Canada is in good hands with Jim F. at the wheel.
Canadas’ federal minister of finance, Jim Flaherty says be prepared, (in his revised statement )we are going to be much much further in debt than what we had expected.(well, I expected that he would have to revise his previous statements as he revises all previous statements)
Flaherty last fall said that Canada was in fine shape and in no uncertain terms would he be prepared to sink us into a deficit position just to make a few people happy. This year, deficit Jim says he has been forced to revise his outlook(most thinking Canadians had already done this…last fall)and now is willing to sink us into a debt close to the 120 billion mark for this fiscal year alone, making Jims’ deficit the largest in Canadian history, and probably the longest to pay back in Canadian history…unless he taxes the crap out of you soon.(which will just kill the econonmy even more)
Even though the CONservatives are promising billions in federal bailout aid, no money has really been spent on the issue aside from a bit of cash handed over to the failed autosector, but the deficit continues to climb…so, how is it the deficit continues to climb when the money hasn’t really been spent yet? And of all the money that has been spent, why does it seem to end up in highly conservative ridings?
Flaherty ran Ontarios’ economy into the ground leaving Ontarians a massive debt to pay off after the OCNservative departure from Ontario. No doubt he will do the same federally as he did provincially and no doubt one or two CON supporters will end up personally enriched after this recession ends.


  1. Anonymous
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    You forgot to mention that Flaherty’s wife is running for the leadership of the Ontario Conservatives. I wonder how well she would do if she ran as Christine Flaherty instead of Christine Elliott. I guess we’re not supposed to notice that she’s married to Jim Flaherty Ontario’s most loved past finance minister.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    Where is the money going..I do not see too much
    going on..Looks like we will need someone like Paul Martin tto dig us out of this one.The GST should never been cut, Harper just cut it for votes..what a MESS!!!

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