Harper Says:Screw The EI Beggars

The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has said that he has no intention of helping people obtain EI by modifying the program and he as well claims that modifying the program is absurd.
Harper stated that people will abuse the process and will only work short times in order to qualify for EI basically stating that people would lose their jobs “on purpose” to collect EI if they could, which revives a stupendously terminal piece of Reform Party rhetoric from the dark ages.


  1. Anonymous
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    Harper claims one thing and you claim another. Both claims are just noise without facts to back them up. Surely we have enough of a documented history of EI use and abuse to demonstrate which of you is right.

    I am so sick and tired of people trying to make their personal opinions sound like they are some sort of incontrovertible, divinely inspired proclamation issuing from a burning bush. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn what you or Harper think. I’d be very interested in what you can prove by citing verifiable facts though.

  2. Proud Canadian
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    Can you please link to where Mr.Harper says:”Screw The EI Beggars”,and please don’t give me read between the lines crap.Me thinks there is no such quote.

    I’m not trying to defend Mr.Harper here,but I do hope if you going to accuse someone for what they may or may have not said you would at least have some sort of proof.But thats just me.

  3. Anonymous
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    I didn’t see anything about the term beggar anywhere. I did find this though. jim:I would suggest stating that you are injecting sarcasm into the debate somewhere so as to make stupid persons aware that you are jesting in opposing the statements made by SH.

    CALGARY – In the face of steep job losses and a battering recession, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday his government won’t ease eligibility rules for unemployment benefits.

    Harper, who was in Calgary to announce $100 million in funding for a road project, flatly rejected demands from opposition parties to reduce the work period required for Employment Insurance (EI) to 360 hours.

    “They are suggesting that what we should do is bring in an EI system where any Canadian in anywhere in the country in perpetuity could work 45 days and collect EI benefits for a period up to a year. This is an absurdity. It is not responsible,” the prime minister said.

    “This has nothing to do with the real problems of this recession. This is just a recipe to raise payroll taxes.”

    Harper noted that benefits have been extended by five weeks across the country and the government has invested significant dollars in training.

    The number of work hours needed to qualify for EI varies across the country, from 420 hours to 700 hours, depending on a region’s employment rate. Albertans require the most hours to qualify, based on a jobless rate that was once the lowest in the country.

    Federal opposition parties have threatened to force an election over the EI issue.

    In an opinion piece written for publication in newspapers, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff contends Canada’s employment insurance system “wasn’t built for a national crisis of this scope.”

    “More than 40 per cent of the unemployed in this country aren’t eligible for EI, even though they have paid into the system. As a result, Canadians aren’t getting the help they need when they need it,” he said.

    The Liberals want the Harper government to introduce a national 360-hour standard for EI eligibility for the duration of the recession.

    “We’re facing a single, national crisis, but EI maintains 58 different regional standards of eligibility. That doesn’t make sense,” Ignatieff added in his opinion piece.

    “The distortions produced by the current EI rules are striking. Unemployment is up 83 per cent in Alberta and 68 per cent in British Columbia – but it’s still twice as hard to qualify for EI in Western Canada as it is elsewhere in the country.”


    Lowering EI qualifications an ‘absurdity,’ PM says

  4. Anonymous
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    Different regional standards of qualification based on availability of employment and economic conditions makes perfect sense. For Iggy to say otherwise simply demonstrates that he’s more interested in politics than the plight of the unemployed.

    It also makes sense from an accountability perspective. Locals have more opportunity for input when standards are set closer to home. If Ottawa sets a national standard you can kiss any accountability goodbye and EI rates will be set according to national political priorities not the local needs of the unemployed.

  5. Anonymous
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    No sense telling the truth, as the paid Tory trolls are out enmasse.

  6. Anonymous
    Posted May 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm | Permalink

    the rules put in place by the lieberals when unemployment was at 10% nationally are no longer
    good enough when unemployment is at 8%
    sounds like iggy’s math.

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