Daily Archives: May 24th, 2009

Harper Says:Screw The EI Beggars

HARPER RAILS AGAINST HELPING PEOPLE OBTAIN EI BENEFITS WHEN THEY ARE DOWN AND OUT The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has said that he has no intention of helping people obtain EI by modifying the program and he as well claims that modifying the program is absurd. Harper stated that people will abuse the […]

National Murder Rates, 2 per 100,000 Persons, Woodstocks’ Now Double That.

WOODSTOCK ABDUCTION AND MURDER SHOWS SMALL TOWNS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO THIS KIND OF TERRIBLE TRAGEDY I had an email conversation with a lady and in it we discussed the merits of small town living versus the merits of the big city life and one thing that I tried to discuss with her was the […]

Ontario Cabinet minister Michael Bryant Resigns Post

ONTARIO CABINET MINISTER QUITS HIS JOB Ontario cabinet Minister Michael Bryant, who has held numerous posts in the McGuinty government has announced his intention to resign effective immediately. Bryant told the media yesterday that his intent is to resign and work for the city of Toronto in the promotion field as the newly appointed head […]

Drug Sweeps Nets 14

OXY RAIDS RESULT IN NUMEROUS ARRESTS IN WOODSTOCK OPP and the local OCPS have conducted an investigation into the local Oxy trade which has yielded numerous arrests after a 3 month long investigation period. More than $105,000.00 worth of the drugs were siezed from residents resulting in many charges ranging from trafficking, possesion and fleeing […]