Daily Archives: May 23rd, 2009

This Town Needs An Enema

AND ONCE AGAIN, A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN The overpowering stench of rot has permeated the fruitful smell of the once bountiful Dairy Capitol Woodstock with the overpowering putridity of a few select individuals at the administrative levels who seem to think they own this place versus work for the people of the […]

Burgess Park

“MEADOWS” OF BURGESS PARK ARE WELL ON THEIR WAY TO BEING REFORRESTED ( And this post is for Michael Harding and his band of merry noisemakers.) One thing that has been discovered during this last process where the mayor and his toadies tried to rip off the people of Woodstock for their local conservation area […]

rare Species Ramble, Burgess Park, Sunday 2-4pm, Woodstock, Ontario

A RARE SPECIES RAMBLE(I’M NOT SURE IF THEY MEAN HONEST COUNCILLORS OR PLANTS?) A rare species ramble will take place on Sunday May 24 from 2-4 pm at the Burgess Park location in Woodstock, Ontario. Join Green Earth on its’ first annual rare species identification walk where members of Green Earth will work to discover […]