Not One Bid On Burgess Park Lands

Woodstocks’ Mayor Michael Harding and his boot licking council(okay, one or two of you are pretty decent) were deprived of the opportunity to plough Burgess Park under after not one bid was received from local farmers for the 35 acres of re-naturalized land that the city of Woodstock had placed for tender.
The area in question was examined by an independent person(who is a liscensed Forester…IOF)and was deemed to be within the guidelines for a naturally occuring woodlot as the area exceeds coverage of 10 seedlings per square foot.
Woodstocks’ mayor and council had attempted to rid the city of this park last year in a private deal with a private golf course operator but had their plans quashed by the board of directors for the Upper Thames River Conservation authority.(which really pissed the mayor off at the time and no doubt this is the reason for wanting to rent out one of our local parks for agricultural usage.) The land itself had limited access, had not been ploughed or tilled for many years and borders the private for profit golf course that the city of Woodstock promoted endlessly on behalf of the private developer.
So, thank you to all of Oxfords’ “registered” farmers that refused to take this land from the people that live here and use it for recreation, and thanks for letting our local wildlife have a place to stay as well.

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  1. Anonymous
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    Farmers are just members of the public. Since Harding has no public support for any of his initiatives it shouldn’t be a surprise that they turned their backs when he called for tenders.

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